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  • AstrOmatic software

    AstrOmatic software development

    • EyE

      In EyE (Enhance Your Extraction) an artificial neural network connected to pixels of a moving window (retina) is trained to associate these input stimuli to the corresponding response in one or several output image(s). The resulting filter can be loaded in SExtractor to operate complex, wildly non-linear filters on astronomical images. Typical applications of EyE include adaptive filtering, feature detection and cosmetic corrections....

    • MissFITS

      MissFITS is a program that performs basic maintenance and packaging tasks on FITS files using an optimised FITS library. MissFITS can add/edit/remove FITS header keywords, split/join Multi-Extension-FITS (MEF) files, unpile/pile FITS data-cubes, create/check/update FITS checksums, using R. Seaman’s protocol....

    • PSFEx

      PSFEx (“PSF Extractor”) extracts models of the Point Spread Function from FITS images processed with SExtractor, and measures the quality of images. The generated PSF models can be used for model-fitting photometry or morphological analyses....

    • SCAMP

      SCAMP reads SExtractor catalogs and computes astrometric and photometric solutions for any arbitrary sequence of FITS images in a completely automatic way.

    • SExtractor

      SExtractor is a program that builds a catalogue of objects from an astronomical image. Although it is particularly oriented towards reduction of large scale galaxy-survey data, it can perform reasonably well on moderately crowded star fields.

    • SkyMaker

      SkyMaker is a program that simulates astronomical images. It accepts object lists in ASCII generated by the Stuff program to produce realistic astronomical fields. SkyMaker is part of the EFIGI development project.

    • STIFF

      STIFF is a program that converts scientific FITS images to the more popular TIFF format for illustration purposes.

    • Stuff

      Stuff is a program that simulates “perfect” astronomical catalogues. It generate object lists in ASCII which can read by the SkyMaker program to produce realistic astronomical fields. Stuff is part of the EFIGI development project....

    • SWarp

      SWarp is a program that resamples and co-adds together FITS images using any arbitrary astrometric projection defined in the WCS standard.

    • WeightWatcher

      WeightWatcher is a program that combines weight-maps, flag-maps and polygon data in order to produce control maps which can directly be used in astronomical image-processing packages like Drizzle, Swarp or SExtractor.

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